Wintertime Skin Favorites

Even in our part of sunny Florida, we still get our bursts of winter weather. Like many people, my skin is pretty sensitive to the combination of cold air outside and really warm air inside. The tricky part is choosing products that nourish our skin without harming our health. Here are the non-toxic products I rely on during the cold months:


FACE: In addition to my normal evening routine, one to two times per week I use Beautycounter’s Nourishing Cleansing Balm as an overnight mask. Although not the product’s primary purpose, it is a wonderful use for it. Before bed, I apply a light layer all over my face and wake up super moisturized. It feels so amazingly luxurious too.

LIPS: I use a few things on my lips. For day time, SPF is still really important, so I use the totally wonderful Hurraw SPF lip balm. For night, Beautycounter’s calendula lip conditioner is fantastic.

NOSE: Does your nose get a bit runny in the winter even without a cold? Mine does. To avoid the dreaded rudolph look (happens to me so easily), I apply this organic shea butter to bottom of my nose at night when needed. Sounds strange and silly, but it clears up the redness and tenderness by morning!

HANDS: Nothing like a good hand cream. This one is brand new from Beautycounter and totally amazing. Apply throughout the day! [NOTE: this item is so popular it is temporarily out of stock! I’ll let you know when it returns!]

BODY: It depends on what kind of mood I am in, but for scented body oil, I use Beautycounter’s Lustro Body Oil in Rosemary + Citrus. For unscented, I use 365 organic refined coconut oil. After the shower is the best time to do this.

FEET: Shea butter to the rescue again here. I slather it on and then put on socks. [cue sexy music]

So nothing earth shattering here, but it is nice to know there are great non-toxic options available. Maybe one of these will come in handy for you!