Choosing a simpler path in a busy world

Our culture can feel very rushed, and I believe so many people—especially moms—are dying to find a way out. Living in a house with fewer things, spending time intentionally and enjoying family and friends is my goal for everyone that I work with. I’m also passionate about helping young mothers peacefully adjust to one of life’s greatest changes—leading a family. Through Simple Baby, I help clients tackle the tasks at hand, simplify life and find more time for the things they truly enjoy.

After spending 10 years in the marketing and design industries, I decided to take a step back and pursue what I am truly passionate about: leading a simpler lifestyle. While not a strict minimalist, I love living with less. Our family of four focuses our time on being together and enjoying the laid-back lifestyle in Florida. We spend our weekends wandering our neighborhood, stopping by friends’ houses, going to nearby parks and generally taking it as easy as you can with two young children running around.

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