A Tip for Tackling Those Nagging Projects

polishing silver

I’ve got a pretty good system for keeping up with the daily paperwork and bills, but sometimes things still pile up. Bigger decisions, bigger challenges, significant changes, tedious tasks (like polishing silver) … usually those things we’d rather avoid. So my husband and I will schedule an “admin day” together. It sounds so, so nerdy, but it really does work for us. When we set aside the time in advance and know that is how we will spend the evening, somehow we are prepared to rally after the kids are in bed. Doing it together is also significantly more fun than one of us tackling it alone.

We also schedule “project weekends.” When we bought our house years ago (before children), we lovingly spent the entirety of many weekends working in the yard, painting or whatever we felt like doing. With two toddlers now running around, these projects tend to stack up more than we’d like. When that happens, we’ll hire a babysitter or the kids will spend the day at my mom’s house. We buy the supplies ahead of time and know exactly what we need to accomplish. Then we dive in head first and get as much done as we can.

How do you handle bigger projects? Do you let them pile up and tackle them all at once or find a way to manage them as they arise? I’d love to know!

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