Decluttering Technique: Pretend Someone Else is Packing for You

decluttering tip - let someone else pack

Some people have a really, really hard time parting with clothes. Clothes they don’t even like, that don’t even fit, that they haven’t worn in 5+ years. Clothes they never intend to wear again! But I get it—it can be hard. Interestingly, I’ve found that the more clothes my clients own, the more unhappy they are with their wardrobe as a whole.

Here is the tip: Only have things in your closet that you would be pleased to find in your suitcase if someone else packed it for you.

I figured this out the hard way in middle school—as if we needed anything else embarrassing happening then in our lives. I was responsible for my own laundry at this point and was way behind. I wore my last decent outfit to school, so of course it was an ideal time to spill something all over—all over—myself during class. Being the very understanding mother that she was and is, my mom drove over a new set of clothes for me to wear. But. The only clean clothes she could find in my closet were an embarrassing and seriously huge musical theater t-shirt (it was Cats, I believe) and strange gingham shorts that I was mortified to even own. This outfit was … incredible … as you can imagine.

Being about 12 years old I did not go home and radically purge my wardrobe. But I think the moral of this story is pretty clear: Don’t have anything in your closet you wouldn’t want someone to choose for you (also, keep up with your laundry). Things that are too tight or too big, that you feel self-conscious in, that are unflattering, that have rips or stains beyond repair, that you just don’t like, etc. All of this must go.

Having this mindset makes it a whole lot easier for my clients to let go of things—suddenly clothes start flying into the “no” pile. If you need some extra help in this area, maybe give it a try.


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