An Eye Cream Worth Knowing About

A few months ago, I shared my morning skin care routine. Not long after, my eye cream ran out. Because it was rated a three EWG, it still had some ingredients I’d rather avoid. Replacing it was an opportunity to search for something new and better. It took me a while to find one worth trying, but I did. And it is fabulous.


Beautycounter’s Vibrant Eye Perfector is just that—even after two weeks of burning the candle at both ends (work hard! play hard!), I don’t have dark circles under my eyes. They are more vibrant and bright than I would have imagined possible. The cream is supposed to help decrease fine lines, as well. I have noticed my skin feels smoother, but I don’t have too many eye wrinkles yet, so I cannot speak to its efficacy on that front. But if you have dark circles (with or without sleep, like me!), this is your cream.

The cream took about five days, applied morning and night, to really make a difference. At first I thought I had been duped, but I am very glad to say it is a wonderful product. And with an EWG rating of one, this is safe and non-toxic.

Beautycounter has a lot of products that look worthwhile. I love the company’s mission and aesthetic. The thing the bothers me is they don’t allow reviews on their web site. Not only is this less helpful, but it always makes a company seem suspect in my eyes. Maybe they will change that soon. If I try anything else, I will be sure to let you know.

What eye cream do you use?

EDIT: I recently became a consultant for Beautycounter (several months after posting this)! After loving their products for many months, I decided to represent the company, as well. More details to come!



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