A Softer Alternative for Those Messy Hands


Watching your child learn to feed herself is a wonderfully messy stage. Nothing seems cuter than a child covered in food … until the clean up starts. Although I do sometimes use paper towels to clean up, I find these cloths do the job more quickly and effectively. I first started using them when I tried (and failed) to go paperless a few years ago. They are softer than paper towels, very thin (in a good way) and the clean up is over much sooner, so children are happier. I only use these for hands and faces and wash them out right away so that stains don’t set.

I bought my set of cloths in natural (just like the ones pictured above) at the local arts market a few years ago, and the same dealer now has an etsy store. You could easily sew these yourself, but that’s a project I will never get to ha. I think I am about due for another set.

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