Simple Summer Skin Care

Three out of four people in my family have very fair skin, so we take skin care and sun protection pretty seriously. This is our pool/beach routine and because we do it every time, it happens like clockwork.

staying safe in the sun


We use sunscreen year round, but in summer months, all of us slather it on before we leave the house no matter what. On days we know we are swimming we use Badger or Honest. If we are only going to the park, then we use my daily SPF moisturizer from Devita (I talk about it more here), which isn’t water resistant. Each of these get a top rating from EWG, go on easy and are unscented. And don’t forget the lip balm—I have this in every drawer and bag in my house.

We are also a hat and rash guard family—parents, too (nerd alert!). Thankfully the kids are used to it, so they haven’t put up too much of a fight yet. And rash guards make pool time so much easier—less sunscreen to reapply. We like Hanna Anderson, Coolibar and Lands’ End for these. Hats just make sense—I wish I had been doing it my entire life. The adults wear sunglasses, but the kids prefer goggles when swimming.

Honest makes my favorite new swim diapers. They are so much easier to get on and off and so much less waste because they are reusable. We use the swim diaper like a bikini bottom for my daughter and just throw on the rash guard as the top. For women, you really need to wear a bathing suit under the rash guard top—it feels a bit too loose/revealing without it.

These things are kind of like bike helmets. If it is just a family rule, then there isn’t much arguing and it becomes the norm. Thankfully it doesn’t seem like we stand out too much … many families at the pool are doing the same thing.

As a side note, a friend asked me if I was worried about chlorine in the pool (because she knows I am super cognizant of toxins). No, absolutely not. Untreated pool water poses so many more hazards. Just use well-ventilated pools (rather than indoor pools) and be sure to shower off afterward—we always do. The chlorine does dry out my skin, so I apply organic baby oil all over at night.

p.s. More from EWG on sunscreen safety and toxicity, and also why spray-on sunscreens should be avoided.

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