24 Hours With … Courtney Carver from Be More With Less

Have you ever read a blog and felt it was written just for you? That is how I feel about Be More With Less. I have been reading Courtney’s work for several years, and I find it incredibly inspiring and also very actionable. Each post is full of little gems that truly help me create a simpler, better life for myself and my family.

Courtney was kind enough to share a bit of her wisdom with Simple Baby, and I am truly honored. Her daughter is now in college, so her life is quite different from when she had a young child at home. Still, I think we can learn so much from her day. Courtney is particularly well-known for encouraging a morning routine—something I wish I was more consistent with. And if only we could so easily adopt her wisdom that the challenges of young children are fleeting. It is so good to be reminded that today’s hurdles will not be there for long. Read on for more inspiration.

Do you work inside or outside of the home? If outside of the home, what are your hours? I usually work from home, but I can work from anywhere. I love working at the library, local coffee shops and from wherever if I’m traveling.

What is your childcare/schooling situation? My daughter just finished her first year of college and is spending the next year in Australia on a working holiday visa.

What is breakfast, lunch and dinner like in your family? During the week, I am usually on my own for breakfast and lunch. I almost always eat fruits and veggies for breakfast. My favorite is steamed spinach and apples with almond butter. Dinners and weekend meals I share with my husband.

Do you meal plan or wing it? Do you like that? I sort of fall in between. I have a few go to meals that I like, and I really enjoy eating the same few meals all week long.

What is the most challenging part of your day? Taking a lunch break. I really like my work and could work right through the day, but I know that 1-2 hours away from it makes me enjoy it even more.

What is the easiest part of your day? Compared to my work life a few years ago, everything is much easier.

In terms of running a house with a family, what do you feel like you have figured out? Mostly I’ve figured out that the things I worry about rarely happen. I also know that I’m not an organizer so living with less stuff really helps. Now that my daughter has moved out of the country, I’ve also been able to see how quickly children grow up. Almost every crisis or stressful moment as a mom of a young child seemed so overwhelming, but if I had known how fleeting it all is, I would have reacted with more ease in many situations.

Does anything still stump you? Of course! My work challenges me everyday. I ask for help and try not to take things too seriously.

How do you take care of yourself and recharge? Now that I work for myself I have the flexibility to go a yoga class or take a walk almost anytime, but the daily habit that really helps is my morning routine. It changes depending on what else is going in life, but it typically includes 20 minutes of meditation, 20 minutes of journaling, 30 – 40 minutes of working out or walking and a short yoga practice. I like to do that before anything else.

If you had an extra hour in your day, how would you spend it? Hiking with my dog and husband.

Any other organizing tips you’d like to share? Again, I’m not a great organizer so I declutter and live with less stuff. We downsized from a 2000 sq. ft home last year to a 750 sq. foot apartment with no storage. Clutter shows up quickly in a small house, so I make sure everything I own serves a purpose or adds joy to my day.

What does a usual 24 hours look like in your house? A normal weekday for me looks like this:
Wake up around 6:00.

Walk upstairs to the gym and meditate, write and workout (or go for a walk)
Shower and have breakfast
Take my dog Guiness for a walk
Work for a few hours (write something new, work with clients, social media, develop new projects)
Break for lunch, take a walk with the dog, read a little.
Work for a few more hours and try to wrap it up between 4 & 6 (my daughter lives in Sydney so this is a great time for us to chat online or on the phone)
Enjoy the evening with my husband.
In bed between 9:30 and 10:00
Other days I might meet friends for writing dates or lunch, or work somewhere else. If I am launching something new, I might have another work session in the evening, but that is pretty rare. Also, when other things come up, I can be flexible and love that about my work and life.


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