The Power is in the Editing

Art is the elimination of the unnecessary 4

Like so many people, I love design magazines and blogs. Image after beautiful image appears and inspires us. We read and pin and buy and buy again. But something still falls short. Why is it so difficult to achieve what is seen in magazines? It would be easy to say lack of funds, but I think it is something else (aside from the fact that magazines are completely unrealistic). To me, the most powerful indicator of a beautiful outcome—of any kind—is the editing.

Can you image if an architect combined every design period in one house? Or if a chef added every delicious ingredient to a single dish? Or if a writer had endless plot lines in a book? Disasters. It is their expert knowledge of what to leave out that makes the greatest difference.

In our world, where we can potentially see and buy and experience everything available, it is easy to continue filling our homes and lives with more.

The power is in the editing. Knowing what to keep and what to let go. When to add and when to hold back. This is one crucial difference in a life well lived and one full of physical, mental and emotional clutter.

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