Not all clutter is created equal

It often surprises clients that I don’t have a slew of non-negotiable decluttering principles. We all lead such different lives, how could I? The important thing is to embrace what best expresses who we are and the right choices for our families, and I have found that varies greatly from person to person.

For someone who loves quilting, of course she’s going to have an area devoted to scraps, threads, patterns and other flotsam and jetsam. The wood turner will likely have 50 different tools that seem exactly the same to the rest of us, but an expert knows they serve very different purposes. A child wild about super heroes will know precisely why he needs each element in his collection (and don’t you dare think of removing that one dude with the broken arm).

Not all clutter is created equal. In fact, if it is something you use and love and cherish and look forward to having in your home, it isn’t clutter at all.

Clutter is the unnecessary. It is the stuff we try to overlook. The things weighing us down. The stuff that creates guilt or aggravation. It might be not even be an object. Our time can be cluttered with unneeded activities. Our bodies can be cluttered with unhealthy choices. Our lives can be cluttered with negative relationships.

We all have such different situations and circumstances. What is simple to you might feel very complicated to me and vice versa. For the most part, I think we can ignore the rules and focus on what is best for our own lives. Forget what everyone else is doing. If it feels right for you, it probably is.

p.s. Anyone who knows me well knows that I actually love rules and totally appreciate a great top ten list. We just have to remember to only incorporate those things which truly mesh with our lives and not feel guilty about the rest. Easier said than done, I know!

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