Could You Use Cloth Napkins Every Day?

fantastic cloth napkins from Fog Linen

A few years ago, I attempted (and failed miserably) to go paperless in our kitchen. I loved the idea, but I just couldn’t work out a system to ditch my paper towels successfully. But one thing did stick: using cloth napkins at every meal.

We have a dozen white cotton napkins that we keep folded in a big stack. Being white, they are easy to keep clean, and I definitely don’t iron them.

I totally get that this sounds like a lot of extra effort, but the additional laundry is minimal, and it really makes a meal feel so much more special and purposeful (especially those very humble dinners following a sleepless night!). Now those pretty napkins from our wedding aren’t sitting in a closet gathering dust. We use them and enjoy them every day.

Just an idea.

Napkins above from Fog Linen.

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