On Using Our Best

My mom went to Sweden last year and (among other things) brought back some beautiful linen dish cloths for me. The first thing she said was “you just need to use them and enjoy them!” Ah. She knows me too well.

It is easier said than done, right? Using those things that seem precious and special? The lovely dish cloths stared at me for a few weeks. I knew it would only be a matter of time before they were marked with who-knows-what baby food. It’s not that we are careless with our things—a kitchen just gets messy with two young children afoot.

I finally bit the bullet after about a month, and you know what? Every single time I use those cloths to dry my dishes or some sweet chubby little hands, they bring me joy. These cloths are soft and beautiful and exactly what I love. A simple pleasure. They make washing my dishes more pleasant and they remind me of my thoughtful, sweet mother.

And yes. After a year, they are showing signs of wear. But just think of they joy they’ve brought me in the mean time—totally worth it.

Are you saving anything in a drawer or closet for a better time? Maybe today is the day to break them out and celebrate this wonderful world we live in.

If you’d like more inspiration for using your best, check out a favorite blog of mine here and here.

Fog linen dish cloth

Dish cloths similar to the ones my mom bought me can be found here. When mine bite the dust, I’ll be buying these.
(Do you know about Fog Linen? One of my favorite stores!)


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