Our Favorite Baby Toys

We do our best to keep the toys to a minimum, but it really is hard isn’t it? I’ve found babies don’t need many toys to be entertained—if given the opportunity, the world around them is interesting enough! But we do have a few in our arsenal that babies seem to love year after year. If you are looking for some new ideas, here are a few my family really likes:

Favorite Baby Toys


1. Anatex roller coaster: Babies and big kids alike (honestly, adults too) love this toy. I suppose it is a classic for a reason!

2. Plan stacking toy: The green stick from this toy was our daughter’s favorite for a few months. For whatever reason it fascinated her. There are so many ways to play with this toy. Our whole family loves it.

3. Manhattan Toy skwish: I try to avoid noisy toys, but this one has the gentlest rattle when shaken. It is also very easy for even the youngest babies to grasp. Older babies seem thrilled when they learn they are strong enough to squish it!

4. Wood bowls: My husband turns wood as a hobby (like this wood spoon), and we have small wood bowls that he has made all over our house. The kids adore them. Young babies love the texture and chewing them, older babies like to bang on them like a drum and toddlers have so much fun filling them up and dumping them out (like with the eggs below). Also, my husband finishes the bowls with organic beeswax and only uses non-toxic, local found wood (mostly pine), so they are completely safe. Win-win for everyone!

5. Sophie: This was probably unnecessary to mention. What baby doesn’t love Sophie? The hype is real, as you probably know!

6. Wood eggs: These eggs were bought on a whim, but I am so pleased we did. They are the perfect size for a baby to grasp (and gnaw!) but far too big to be a choking hazard. Babies feel like they are getting away with playing with something small :) and big kids love to gather and dump them. I find these eggs all over our house (and my purse ha).

7. Blabla dolls: Incredibly soft, no parts that can be choked on, very washable, not to mention super adorable. Our son’s blabla is part of the family. We like the mini size, although the big size is fantastic, too.

8. Books. Another one I probably didn’t need to mention, but we love love love books. Can’t get enough! (It is the one category that I do let get out of control ha.)

Some of these items are more expensive, but they last. Seriously. And we don’t have many toys. A few more than what you see here, but not by much. We’ve saved by buying fewer but really investing when we do.



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