Our Toxin-Free Coffee Routine

About two years into our toxin-free journey, I realized our old coffee maker was not as healthy as I thought. Sure the carafe was glass, but I never considered the water well (where the water is heated), was full-on plastic. How frustrating is that? If you are interested in making your own coffee routine more toxin-free, here are some ideas:

Non-Toxic Coffee Routine

How you brew the coffee: Our solution: A percolator. It is completely stainless steel throughout and very simple to use. I am not sure why they went out of fashion! We absolutely love ours—going on four years strong. Ours doesn’t even require filters, although you can easily find them at the grocery store if you’d like. For us, it is one less thing to think about.

Where you store the grounds: I use a glass canister from Target. We’ve had it for years. We also use a wood scoop that my husband turned himself (those plastic scoops can’t be made of anything good, right?)

What you drink it out of: We use ceramic or porcelain mugs. Never, ever drink a hot beverage out of styrofoam or plastic. We use extra tall mugs for taking it in the car—I’ve yet to find a travel mug that I trust. On the rare occasion we do buy coffee out, we make sure it is in a paper cup and we remove any plastic lid.

Coffee itself: Whenever possible, we buy fair trade organic coffee. We are not picky about which kind—whatever is on sale!

A few tips about using a percolator: Some people think it makes weaker coffee. That’s easy to fix—just grind the beans finer and use a little bit more. To turn it on or off, just plug or unplug (might be obvious to some people, but it took me a good five minutes to figure this out ha!). You cannot program it, and it doesn’t automatically shut off, so you will have to remember to do that. Bonus: It has a small footprint, so you can easily store it in a cabinet when not in use.

A final thought: consider ditching the artificial sweeteners. I know it can be so hard, but if you have to add something sweet, try using organic sugar.

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