Two (Overlooked) Items for Your Nursery

There are two items I often find are overlooked when planning a nursery. Though not entirely necessary, I think they make life a lot easier: a mirror and a digital clock.

A mirror can of course be wonderful for aesthetic purposes, but I find it is crucial when you have that sweet baby on your shoulder and you are wondering whether he or she is asleep. Ours is over the dresser/changing table (on a safety hook). There was a time period when we were without a mirror and I found it so hard!

A digital clock is a bit of an eyesore I admit, but for middle-of-the-night visits to your baby’s room, it can be irreplaceable. It also helps when you are counting the minutes (literally) in those early days of breastfeeding. Make sure the numbers light up without having to press the clock and that it is visible from your glider, or wherever you feed the baby. Here are some ideas:


Mirrors: 1234

Clocks: 1234

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