Your Diaper Bag is for You, Not Your Baby

This was a major ah-ha moment for me: when I realized many of the baby products I was acquiring were for me, not my baby. For example, the diaper bag.

Let me first begin by explaining I really don’t like “baby” stuff. That may sound harsh, but what about being a baby makes them like silly frills and crazy patterns? That’s something our culture decided for them. If you love those patterns and styles, by all means get it. But if you are defaulting to those baby-ish items because that’s what you see dominating the marketplace, I say buck the system and find something you want to look at.

To me, your diaper bag should be something you enjoy carrying around. First-time moms (me included) tend to bring the world when leaving the house. I get it—it is a safety blanket. But pretty much any bag (not necessarily a diaper bag) with decent space and a few interior pockets will do.

(Now that my children are one and three-and-a-half years, I just throw a diaper and some wipes in my purse. But that’s a story for another day.)

As it turns out, I did buy a “real” diaper bag when I was pregnant with our first child, and I happen to love it—I even took it to Paris sans children! When looking for your own bag, I suggest one with decent room, several interior pockets, comfortable straps, and a sturdy base. The beauty of approaching a diaper bag this way is that when you no longer need it for your children, you will have a lovely bag you will enjoy using. Here are some ideas:

Non-diaper diaper bag

1. Gap.   2. Tumi.   3. Lo & Sons   4. LLBean   5. Lands End   6. Serena & Lily

p.s. Pottery Barn Kids no longer makes my diaper bag, which is a shame. It was much more understated than what they have now. Similar to this, but without the bold stripes and more beautiful leather details. I got it in black.

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