Shopping Step 3

Is it beautiful? 3

This is Step 3 in my process for whether to add something to our home. Lofty goal, isn’t it? But why not? Why not fill our lives with the most beautiful things we can find. Certainly there are many exceptions, but I say give it your best shot. There are some things in life we have no choice about, but when we can, I say add beauty. It is important to realize we all feel differently about this. What might be very lovely to me could be the opposite of what you find appealing. And isn’t that a wonderful thing? The goal here is to recognize that every time we add something to our lives, it is an opportunity. I like to support the artists, creators, vendors and retailers who are adding to our world in this way.

A keeping-it-real example: We needed a plunger for our house. So after much hunting, I found a white one that sits inside of a white holder. Now it basically disappears and we still have it around for those emergencies that happen from time to time in an old house (and in case you are wondering, it works very well!).

The main idea is to be intentional about what we add to our lives.

Step 1 and Step 2.


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