Shopping Step 2

Is it non-toxic? 3

This is Step 2 in my process for deciding whether or not something should enter our lives … and for me, it is a really big question. Whether something is toxic depends on how specific and stringent you want to be. People have varying levels of comfort and concern, as well as different areas of focus when it comes to avoiding toxins. There is so much I want to share in this realm, but I will approach it in digestible baby steps over many blog posts. Suffice it to say, wherever you end up on the spectrum of concern regarding toxins, do be aware of every item you bring into your house and whether or not it has toxic consequences. At least then you are making a conscious decision as opposed to exposing your family to something unintentionally. For me, I do quite a bit of research before buying anything (yet another way to stave off impulse buys!).  (Step 1 in this process).


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